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    “About Spark Write”

    SparkWrite takes the headache out of getting freelance writing projects done by connecting content publishers with top quality writers. Freelance writing just got a whole lot easier.

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      To connect clients with talented freelance writers in a way that supports and encourages the freedom, autonomy, and success of all involved.

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      To create a trusted space that makes finding a match for writing projects easier than ever before, while building a happening and supportive community.

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      OUR TEAM

      SparkWrite is run by a content publisher AND a freelancer so we get both sides. We are dedicated to creating the best experience for both parties.

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      We value creativity, positivity and freedom, and understand the importance of running your business on your terms.


    Content publishing is a crucial part of your business success, but great writers can be hard to find.

    We’ve created a unique workspace that connects entrepreneurs with top quality writers so you can stop spending so much time recruiting and screening candidates. We’ve already done that for you!

    SparkWrite is cultivating an online community of the best freelance writers and serious content publishers to make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone.


    Where we’ve been, and where we’re going from here.

    Hiring freelance writers is a process we at SparkWrite are very familiar with. After years of running an e-book publishing business, our founder Karla was tired of getting burned by bad writers and fake profiles on other freelance sites. After talking to many other entrepreneurs, she knew she wasn’t the only one struggling to find quality, reliable writers.

    That’s when she came up with the idea for SparkWrite – a site for content publishers and pre-screened, top-quality writers to make the recruiting process that much easier.

    SparkWrite serves to be more than just another freelance marketplace. SparkWrite is a community of top talent, committed to lifting the careers of each and every member one writing project at a time.