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    Vanessa Calouro


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    My name is Vanessa. I am a college junior studying English at Brown University, Providence. I work as a freelance writer (ghostwriter) interested in all types of work with a focus on romance novels. I have written in the following genres: paranormal (shifter), BWWM, contemporary, western, clean, erotic, threesomes, BBW, alien, gay, lesbian, mpreg, and many others. I am still looking to expand my horizons and am therefore open to trying new genres.

    As a college student, I have unique skills to offer. First off, as a female, I am very familiar with the world of romance and the audience for which romance novels are written. My own romantic experiences also contribute greatly to my writing. Lastly, I am a wide reader so I am experienced in various archetypes, tropes, and other writing tools that help to improve my writing.

    I do my best to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Collaborating with my clients is one of my top priorities when I work in order to ensure that everyone is satisfied at the end of the contract. I always adhere to my client’s specifications to the best of my abilities. In order to ensure success, I provide my clients with an outline and the first 1000-2000 words at the beginning of the contract so the client can gauge whether they are satisfied, if they would like me to change something, or just to get a feel for my overall writing style.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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    • Experience: 3 years
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    • Country: United

    Summary of Skills

    • Experienced ghostwriter for erotic novels
      • Also experienced in clean romance, and YA
    • I edit my own work, then pass it through my own editor, and finally run it through Grammarly to check for any overlooked mistakes.
    • Hardworker.
    • Dedicated to deadlines - I do all that I can to ensure something is done on time.
    • 2 years of college experience (English major)