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    Gina Horkey Freelance Writer Interview |

    Interview With Freelance Writer Gina Horkey

    Recently, our CEO Kayli had the pleasure of chatting with Gina Horkey, a freelance writer from Minnesota. In this interview, Gina shares her story and her secrets on how she got started with freelance writing. Gina was able to build a thriving freelance business and quit her job as a financial advisor in just 8 […]

    How To Become A Ghostwriter -

    How To Become A Ghostwriter

    Have you ever thought about becoming a ghostwriter? There is a lot of buzz about this lucrative niche for freelance writers, but you might be wondering how to break into it or if it’s a fit for you. There is a huge market out there for ghostwriters, from writing blog posts for famous entrepreneurs to […]

    Perfect Pitch Template -

    How To Win More Writing Gigs With The Perfect Pitch Template

    Being a freelance writer isn’t the easiest job in the world.  When you’re first starting out you have to spend a lot of time  looking for and pitching to new clients.   Even later on, when your regular clients don’t have enough work for you to do, you have to go back to searching and pitching. […]

    5 Must Follow Blogs For Freelancers |

    Must Follow Blogs For Freelancers

    With all the content available on the internet, it can seem like a complete crap shoot when you’re looking for freelance advice. There are way too many blogs for freelancers that promise to make you 6 figures like TODAY. Do a quick google search for “how to get freelance clients” or “how to start freelancing” […]

    How To Be A Freelance Writer |

    How To Be A Freelance Writer

    If you’ve ever dreamed of making a living from your words, freelance writing may be a great career path for you. Freelance writers have a great deal of freedom over their careers and daily lives, and usually make time for other writing projects on the side. So if you’ve got a book in you, you can work […]

    7 things you MUST do to survive & thrive as a Kindle publisher |

    7 Things You MUST Do To Survive & Thrive As A Kindle Publisher

    In the world of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), the only real constant is change. Shifting trends, evolving reader preferences and continual updates to Amazon’s content publishing guidelines can sometimes present challenges to even just getting your book live and visible in front of the eyes of readers who want what you’re offering. Whether you are […]