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    Must Follow Blogs For Freelancers

    Must Follow Blogs For Freelancers

    5 Must Follow Blogs For Freelancers |

    With all the content available on the internet, it can seem like a complete crap shoot when you’re looking for freelance advice. There are way too many blogs for freelancers that promise to make you 6 figures like TODAY.

    Do a quick google search for “how to get freelance clients” or “how to start freelancing” and you are in for a time-sucking internet hole of “buy my course!” and generic “email your friends” answers. Not helpful.

    Thankfully, though, there are some freelancers out there who actually put out truly helpful content that can give you solid advice on starting and building your career. Real strategies and tactics for turning your side hustle into a sustainable business, that’s what we’re interested in around here.


    These are our favourite blogs for freelancers to get real advice:

    Freelance To Freedom Project

    Started by web designer Leah Kalamakis, the Freelance To Freedom Project has quickly grown into a huge community of freelancers of all kinds. The blog covers everything from building your portfolio to implementing simple SEO strategies, creating info products for recurring income and the mindset you need to be your own boss. Join the community on Facebook as well to meet other freelancers and get advice.

    The Freelancer by Contently

    Contently serves up useful advice for pitching, getting the attention of editors, and breaking into new areas of freelance writing. Every once in a while, they throw in humorous commentary on the world of freelance writing with sarcastic pieces guaranteed to make you take yourself a little less seriously.

    Freelancers Union

    The Freelancers Union is helping freelancers get benefits like health and dental care. Their blog is written by community members and it covers everything you need to know about freelancing, with great articles focused on finances and some of the more boring – but extremely important – topics of being self-employed like taxes, insurance, and retirement.

    Double Your Freelancing

    Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing offers a free 7-day course to help freelancers of all kinds really charge what they are worth. Brennan also hosts a podcast aimed at helping you “master the business behind your business”.

    Careful Cents

    Carrie is the freelance writer behind Careful Cents, her blog where she shares loads of helpful information on taking your writing career to the next level. Carrie helps her community of freelancers with advice on getting published in more places, getting recurring contracts, and landing big clients.

    These blogs offer up consistently solid advice on improving your chances at freelance success. Add them to your feedly (or preferred RSS reader) and check in whenever you need some help or inspiration to get unstuck in your business.


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    Kayli is a Digital Marketing Strategist and creator of Young Guns Creative, a marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs and startups to develop multi-channel digital marketing plans to reach audiences across the planet. She is also working hard to build the startup SparkWrite to help clients find the best freelance writers.

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    1. christierei

      I agree with your choices. These are some of my favorites. I would include Carol Tice.
      ~ Christie

    2. Misty

      Great post! Thanks for the info!!

    3. Elizabeth

      Will add these to my list :)

      Gina Horkey’s site, Horkey Handbook, is great too!