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    Romance Writers Needed for Weekly Assignments

    Romance Writers Needed for Weekly Assignments

    • 6 bids
    • $165.00 Avg Bid (USD)
    • Open 1 year ago

    Project description:

    We are a publishing company specialised in romance, with great experience and reliability. We are looking to build long-term relationships with our writers. 
    If you are a creative and passionate writer looking for stable, regular work, you came to the right place!

    Our company need several romance eBooks written of about 15,000 words along with a 150 word description.

    Themes of the stories include bad boy romance, billionaire romance, sport romance, military romance, etc.
    The stories should contain 1-2 explicit scenes and are destined for straight girls.

    – The proposed budget for this story is $165.00.
    – Content should be creative, HIGH QUALITY and 100% original.

    You agree that you will own no rights to the work or parts of the work and you understand/agree your name will not appear anywhere on the work. We would retain all copyrights to these stories.

    You must be experienced with this type of writing, a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER and have excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    A writing sample of 1,000 words will be required at the time of your application, based on an outline that you will be provided with.

    We are looking to create an ongoing business relationship with chosen bidder(s) and we have many future projects in mind.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    James S.
    Freelance Writer
    In Process
    Leah Wolfe
    Professional romance, mystery, and non-fiction ghostwriter
    In Process
    Vanessa Calouro
    In Process
    Professional Novel Romance Writer, Brand Writer
    In Process
    Janae Werdlow
    Ghost Writer. Avid Book Reader.
    In Process
    Julia Grace
    Freelance Writer
    In Process
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